The Right to Assemble in Private Membership Associations

In the United States and Canada, residents are protected by several rights and freedoms established in each country’s constitution. With respect to rights to speak out, express, and assemble, the U.S. has the First Amendment of its Constitution. The Canadian Constitution has stipulated these freedoms in section two of its Charter of Rights and Freedoms….


Knowing the Rights and Benefits of Private Membership Associations

Generally, those in a private membership association are not under the jurisdiction of the state, local, and federal governments’ laws and regulations, the exception being, when a private membership associates’ activities present a clear and present danger. Origins and Powers Even during intense litigation the court consistently upheld the status of the private membership association,…


The Living Trust: An Option for Protecting the Future

There are a number of important benefits to the creation of a living trust.  Of course, different states have different regulations regarding the formation of a living trust, but the underlying function of the trust remains the same: all the property that is left in trust does not have to go through the probate system to…


Private Membership Association

In reviewing medical email solicitations, newsletters and other medical publications over the years, we at ProAdvocate Group are more than ever convinced than ever that there are numerous proven therapies/treatments outside of mainstream medicine that are providing relief and/or  cures for a wide variety of afflictions and diseases. Unfortunately, there are untold numbers of alternative…