The Best Kept Secret in the Legal System

How a Medical Practitioner can operate outside the Public Domain using a 1st & 14th Amendment Private Membership Association.

Private Membership Association

Properly-formed private membership associations guarantee freedom of assembly and speech under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the US Constitution. They also guarantee freedom of assembly and speech under Section Two of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Read more

Medical Practioner's Defense

If you are also presently being investigated by a licensing board, you will want to ensure DUE PROCESS and ensure your constitutional rights immediately. There is a high degree of probability that your rights have been violated and therefore you will want to initiate action to terminate their action against you with favorable results as soon as possible. Read more

Pro-Se Litigation

ProAdvocate Group PMA can help you represent yourself in a court case instead of using a licensed attorney of law by becoming the attorney of record. If you are a Defendant or a Potential Defendant in a lawsuit, you should consider becoming a private member of ProAdvocate Group, a Private Legal Membership Association. We do all the legal research, letters, pleadings, appeals, etc. for you. Read more