Private Membership Association

1st and 14th Amendment Private Membership Association for Unlicensed or Licensed Medical Practitioners

In reviewing medical email solicitations, newsletters and other medical publications over the years, we at ProAdvocate Group PMA are more than ever convinced that there are numerous proven therapies/treatments outside of mainstream medicine that are providing relief and/or  cures for a wide variety of afflictions and diseases.

Unfortunately, there are untold numbers of alternative healthcare practitioners — I am sure you know several—who possess these therapies and treatments but are unable to effectively advertise, market, and practice their craft in the public domain because of the heavy hand of state or federal boards, regulators, law enforcement agencies and others who police any public unlicensed medical practice. 

What are the Benefits of a 1st and 14th Amendment Private Medical Membership for Unlicensed or Licensed Medical Practitioners?

  1. Eliminate Illegal Investigations and Sanctions by any Licensing Board.
  2. Practice Medicine in your chosen area without paying outrageous malpractice insurance premiums – LESS RISK OF MALPRACTICE LAWSUITS AND CLAIMS.
  3. Practice Medicine without the burden of strict compliance with the Federal Laws dealing with the protection of the public and HIPAA Laws.
  4. Maintain privacy of business and financial affairs.
  5. Practice alternative medical modalities without fear of discrimination and sanctions.

And most of all ……..

  1. Maintain more freedom and control of your chosen profession.

There are real solutions to your present and future potential problems in practicing alternative medicine, and ProAdvocate Group PMA can be part of that solution. As you know, many of your fellow practitioners are being harassed, investigated and sanctioned by medical boards, law enforcement agencies and attorneys general in many states. They, of course, believe a great service is being performed in the name of “protection of the public.”

The solution to the problem is to change the public patient or client relationship into a private contract member relationship within your own Private Medical Membership Association (PMA).

There are four (4) categories under which a PMA may apply:

  1. Unlicensed Medical Practitioners and Medical Researchers
  2. Licensed Practitioners under Attack for Alternative Medicine
  3. Former Licensed Practitioners
  4. Licensed or Unlicensed Medical Practitioners who need to operate in two or more or all of the 50 States.

And this is why they apply:   under the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and equivalent provisions of your own State Constitution, you have the right to associate with fellow members and offer benefits and services that are outside of the jurisdiction, venue and authority of State and/or Federal agencies. What would be considered a criminal act outside the association (e.g., unauthorized practice of medicine) would be perfectly legal within a private association.

This right of association is not absolute. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in many cases that the State cannot interfere with private association activities unless the private members are being subjected to a clear danger of substantial evil that would shock a person’s moral and common sense. For example, if the private members are becoming seriously ill or injured or dying due to the so-called benefits and services of the association, then outside State and/or Federal agencies can intervene.

However, if there is no “substantial evil” resulting from the association, and the benefits and services of the private association are merely controversial, unpopular, unconventional, or lack proper endorsements and approvals, the U.S. Supreme Court again has ruled overwhelmingly that a freedom of assembly and association cannot be violated. The law is clear and our legal association has successfully fought the battles in the legal association arena for over thirty (30) years. We also have the experience of setting up Private Medical Membership Associations for practitioners for nearly ten (10) years with no interference or problems with State and/or Federal authorities to date.

ProAdvocate Group PMA is a private membership association whose primary objective is to assist our members with establishing their respective Private Medical Membership Associations. We use the protection of the Right to Associate provided by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution to form private membership self-help associations that are (a) not open to the public, (b) do not affect a public interest, (c) and whose activities are or are not inherently benign enough to exempt them from regulation by the states’ policing powers when services are not offered to the public.

If a group of persons wishes to avail themselves of the benefits of holistic or alternative health and wellness techniques (such as herbs, homeopathic, massage and body-work, magnetics, ozone, acupuncture, nutrition, UV light, polarity and energy manipulation and numerous other systems, etc.,) they can now do so within the confines of a bona fide membership association. They can now provide these services and activities that would otherwise be regulated pursuant to various licensing acts under state policing powers when done with members of the public.

ProAdvocate Group PMA also offers a conference in which we give the “Book, Chapter and Verse” of the law concerning licensing and the states’ policing powers, and all the seminal U.S. Supreme Court decisions.  We will prove this is the safest way for a licensed (or unlicensed) physician to get involved with many “natural alternative treatments” outside the auspices of his/her licensed practice without being exposed to the threat of discipline from respective licensing boards. As a bonus, this seminar also gives an in-depth education on licensing board disciplinary actions that no attorney would ever dare give you.

As a licensed or unlicensed health or medical practitioner, you can experience the same peace of mind and legal protection to practice your chosen area or calling without interference or sanctions. However, if one continues to operate as an unlicensed practitioner or offer services of holistic or alternative health and wellness techniques to the public, he or she could be subject to sanctions and made an example of how the state is “protecting the public.” If this were to occur, then you would have no defense and would not prevail, even if you could afford to pay huge legal fees. We have seen this many times within your field of work, and that is why we are here to help.

We welcome you to check out the benefits of a Private Membership Association with no financial risk on your part.  Please contact us for more information, or you may write to the address on this web site.