Pro-Se Litigation

Defend Yourself Pro Se to Reduce Legal Cost and Increase Probability of Success with ProAdvocate Group PMA Assistance

If you are a Defendant or a Potential Defendant in a lawsuit, you should consider becoming a private member of ProAdvocate Group PMA, a Private Legal Membership Association. We do all the legal research, letters, pleadings, appeals, etc. for you.

All you have to do is sign the documents we prepare and mail them to the proper address.

Besides saving thousands of dollars in legal fees to some attorney or law firm, you will utilize legal techniques and procedures developed by ProAdvocate Group PMA to win your case. Lawyers simply will not use or provide these tools.

These additional procedures include, but are not limited to:

  1. Filing a Counterclaim against Plaintiff in your case.
  1. File and record a notice of lis pendens Lien on all of Plaintiff’s property. This is a pretrial judgment lien that should cause dismissal or settlement.
  1. File a Cross-Claim against any adverse Co-Defendant with notice of lis pendens Liens in your case.
  1. Challenge the jurisdiction and authority of the Court by determining whether the judge and clerks have property taken their Oaths of Office and have followed legal procedures beyond the merits of the case.
  1. Determine whether Plaintiff has legal standing as a Plaintiff and is the “real party of interest” in your case.
  1. Implement extensive discovery with Admissions, Interrogatories, and Request for Production of Documents.
  1. Utilize Motions to Compel and Motions for Sanctions for noncompliance with Discovery Request.
  1. File Motions for Default Judgment and/or Motions for Summary Judgment where appropriate.
  1. If you have a bad Judge, file a complaint with the Commission for Judicial Misconduct. The Judge will usually recuse him or herself and a new Judge will be appointed.
  1. File Motions to Dismiss concerning several legal issues we will find for your case.

As you can imagine, the legal fees of the Plaintiff will become excessive in answering, responding, and complying with all of your pleadings. You can win a case when the Plaintiff runs out of money and his or her attorney suspends representation.

Because your membership is low cost and affordable, you could survive for a long period of time, which is not true for the Plaintiff who has retained counsel for his or her defense.

We have members who were requested to pay over $ 500,000 for an attorney to take their case, but who instead won by paying a one-time, lifetime membership fee of only $30,000 to ProAdvocate Group PMA. Contact us today for an appointment!