Why a Living Trust Could Benefit You

Most everyone realizes that it’s important to have a legal document drafted that outlines the distributions of your assets at the time of your death. This helps ensure that your wishes are honored, and it makes life a bit easier for family members and beneficiaries. Without this important document, the court has a big say … Read moreWhy a Living Trust Could Benefit You

Judgment Proofing – How we can help you

What is judgment proofing? According to nolo.com: “When a creditor sues you and gets a money judgment against you, it has a variety of methods it can use to collect on that money judgment… However, if you don’t have any income or property that the creditor can legally go after, then you are what is often … Read moreJudgment Proofing – How we can help you

Know Your Rights

The United States prides itself on being a country with a high regard for freedom. The most basic of these freedoms are in the 1st amendment and the 14th amendment, the former of which is part of a larger collection of freedoms known as the Bill of Rights. The 1st amendment protects freedom of religion, freedom … Read moreKnow Your Rights

Pro-Se Litigation Gives Smaller Businesses an Edge

Defending against lawsuits can be expensive and has the potential of destroying a business’ finances completely, resulting in the loss of the case and business. ProAdvocate Group has the knowledge and legal expertise to help members defend themselves Pro Se, as the attorney of record. With our guidance and help with all legal actions and … Read morePro-Se Litigation Gives Smaller Businesses an Edge