Understanding Private Membership Associations (PMAs) for Medical Practitioners

ProAdvocate Group PMA specializes in helping medical practitioners establish Private Membership Associations (PMAs) to protect their practice. A PMA offers freedoms and legal protections not typically available through traditional medical practice models. This blog post explains the concept and benefits of PMAs.

Understanding Private Membership Associations (PMAs) for Medical Practitioners

What is a Private Membership Association (PMA)?

A PMA is a legally formed group of individuals who share common interests and goals. Under the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, individuals have the right to associate privately. This right extends to offering services among members that might be regulated if offered to the public.

Why Do Medical Practitioners Form PMAs?

  • Practice Flexibility: PMAs enable practitioners to explore alternative or holistic modalities that may fall outside the scope of their traditional medical license.
  • Protection from Regulatory Scrutiny: Within a PMA, actions not typically permitted by a state medical board may be permissible when serving fellow members.
  • Community and Support: PMAs create a network of like-minded practitioners, offering collaboration and shared resources.
  • Multi-State Operation: A PMA can potentially offer a path for licensed or unlicensed medical practitioners to work across state lines.

Important Considerations

  • Limitations: The rights of a PMA are not absolute. Activities that cause significant harm to members may invite legal intervention.
  • Focus on Member Services: A PMA must primarily serve its members and not the general public.
  • Seek Legal Guidance: Establishing a PMA requires careful legal guidance to ensure compliance.

How ProAdvocate Group PMA Can Help

We offer the following services to medical practitioners interested in forming PMAs:

  • Legal Expertise: Our deep understanding of association law, licensing, and regulatory matters helps ensure your PMA is established correctly.
  • Customized Solutions: We offer tailored solutions for licensed and unlicensed practitioners, former practitioners, and those seeking multi-state practice options.
  • Educational Resources: Our conferences offer in-depth legal education on PMAs, licensing boards, and disciplinary risks.

Is a PMA Right for You?

If you seek greater freedom to explore alternative medical practices, a PMA might offer a solution. However, it’s essential to understand that PMAs are not a form of immunity from all regulations. They provide a framework to operate with more flexibility within a community of members.

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