1st And 14th Amendment: What Are Your Rights As A Medical Provider?

There are a few different amendments that are in place to protect you. Unfortunately, the law will often work against you instead of for you. Knowing your rights and working with a private membership organization that supports the 1st and 14th amendment can be the best way to move forward.

1st And 14th Amendment: What Are Your Rights As A Medical Provider?

The Amendments

The 1st Amendment is designed to protect your freedom of speech. The 14th amendment is to ensure that states do not deprive citizens of life, liberty, or property.

Whether you are licensed or unlicensed as a medical practitioner, private membership associations can provide you with more protection so that your rights aren’t violated.

Particularly with alternative medical practitioners, who possess therapies and treatments that have been proven to work, are unable to advertise and market themselves because of state and federal boards that are in place.

If you’re policed too heavily, joining the 1st and 14th Amendment Private Medical Membership can provide you with an array of benefits.

What are the benefits?

You can take advantage of an array of benefits when you join a PMA. If you have ever been subject to an illegal investigation by licensing board, these can be eliminated. You can also practice medicine more effectively within your specific area without having to pay high malpractice insurance premiums. This can also drastically reduce the likelihood of malpractice lawsuits and claims.

You will also have the ability to practice medicine without strict compliance from federal laws that deal with HIPAA and the protection of the public. Particularly if you are an unlicensed medical practitioner or you are a licensed practitioner being attacked for using alternative medicine, this is of the utmost importance. You are upholding the 14th amendment, ensuring that citizens are being given the care that they need so that they aren’t being deprived of life.

Further, you will be able to maintain a higher level of privacy in regards to your business and financial affairs. You would only be privy to sharing what is legally required of you – not what various state and federal licensing boards want you to share above and beyond what they would ask a traditional medical practitioner to provide.

When you have the ability to practice alternative medical modalities without fear of being discriminated, it makes it easier to provide the level of care that you want to provide to patients.

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