Control and Protect Business and Personal Assets via Texas Joint-Stock Company

A Texas Joint Stock Company or TJSC is a private contract that provides you with 1,000 shares in exchange for your assets. TJSC is legally recognized as a separate entity or person. It’s important to note that this is different from other entity programs. Public contracts are subject to the Fraudulent Transfer Act which a TJSC is not subject to.

Control and Protect Business and Personal Assets via Texas Joint-Stock Company

Unique functions of a TJSC

Through a Texas Joint Stock Company, it’s possible to protect your assets from future creditors, even in the event that you’ve been served a lawsuit. You can save your assets from becoming subject to a lawsuit at any point before the final judgment via a Texas Joint Stock Company or TJSC. This is the only private contract entity under common law.

Protecting your wealth

Many individuals have looked to forming a Texas Joint Stock Company as a solution to protecting their wealth. If your goal is to protect your wealth and do so privately, a Texas Joint Stock Company is an excellent option for you. The TJSC emphasizes control over your assets rather than direct ownership.

A TJSC is far more capable of protecting your assets than other entities; LPs, LLCs, Corporations, Irrevocable Trusts, and the like. By transferring your assets to this type of joint stock company, you can completely protect them.

You can transfer business and personal assets to a TJSC. Transfers are exempt from federal state taxes. A TJSC can operate in all 50 states without requiring 50 different franchises from the Secretary of State as LLCs and Corporations do. Also, using multiple TJSCs separates high liability assets from those with low liabilities. Contact us today for a customized plan to protect and control your assets.