Control Your Assets, Take Charge of Your Life

What happens if you are served a complaint and summons from a competitor, vendor, or client? Or the IRS puts you on notice of back taxes owed? Or changes in regulations and enforcement make you vulnerable? Or if you are personally exposed to an unforeseen loss from an LLC? Do you have a defense or strategy to keep your holdings safe?

Control Your Assets, Take Charge of Your Life

Even if you slog through all the hearings, depositions, paperwork and legal fees you are still at risk of losing your assets. You risk losing control of your life and your livelihood.

There is an excellent moment from the TV show ‘Mad Men,’ where the founder of the company, dealing with a leadership crisis, says that “whoever is in control is in charge.” Whoever is in control of their feelings, their vulnerabilities, and their assets will take over, and take charge of the assets of those people who are emotional, exposed, and careless.

This specific line applies to the matter at hand – the benefits a Texas Joint Stock Company (TJSC) can give to business people and their families. A Texas Joint Stock Company offers legal protection for your all your holdings, and helps you remain in control of your assets, and hence in charge of any situation you may face. Whether you are facing a challenge from the IRS, a business competitor, or simply want to make sure your profits are divided equitably among associates and family, the package ProAdvocate Group provides can put you on an even footing with government agencies and give you the power to compete with the tax brackets above you.

A TJSC is unique because it is based on private contracts, not public contracts. Private contracts can’t be touched by the IRS or their money-hungry auditors, and can’t be subject to summary judgments from courts. It grows out of the old English common law, and has its roots in the westward expansion that drove American settlers.

To find out how a Texas Joint Stock Company can give you control over your assets and let you take charge of your life, contact us. We look forward to building your fortune into something unassailable.