Pro-Se Litigation Can be Effective, but Seek Assistance

Abraham Lincoln, who himself was a lawyer, reportedly once said something along the lines of “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” And we’ve all seen those TV shows in which a defendant decides to represent themselves, usually against the advice of others, only to embark upon an intensely dramatic trial that concludes with a judgment against them. The reality, however, is that while it’s rarely portrayed or discussed in pop culture, every day individuals represent themselves in legal battles in the US court system. At times, pro se litigation is necessary based on one’s resources, what they could lose, and the particular matter at hand. For example, one might contest an eviction notice, a disputed rental deposit return, a domestic dispute, and other types of small claims lawsuits.

Pro-Se Litigation Can be Effective, but Seek Assistance

In these types of situations, attorney fees alone might determine whether one must represent themselves.

Now, just because self-representation occurs more than most people think, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, it’s quite difficult for an individual who lacks legal training to deal with evidence, witnesses, and follow the proper court procedures.

So, if you decide to pursue a course of pro se litigation, you will want assistance. You should strongly consider becoming a private member of ProAdvocate Group, a Private Legal Membership Association. We do the legal research, letters, pleadings, appeals, and more on your behalf.

You will be able to extend your financial resources over a very long period of time due to our relatively low cost, during which time the opposition is  paying massive lawyer fees and often drops the case due to a lack of money.

Indeed, some members of ProAdvocate Group were going to pay $500,000 or more to an attorney, but instead went on to win their case paying a comparatively minuscule one-time, lifetime membership fee.

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