Pro-Se Litigation Defense That Can Work For You

Navigating the legal system can be extremely difficult for even a seasoned attorney. Thus, trying to represent yourself as a pro-se litigant can leave you feeling cheated and under-served by our justice system. According to Lewis & Clark Law University there continues to be increasing challenges for pro-se litigants. However, there also continues to be an increase in pro-se federal and state court cases. With the challenges these litigants face, what can be done to make sure they continue to receive judicial impartiality and have a fair chance at justice?

Pro-Se Litigation Defense That Can Work For You

What Is The ProAdvocate Group And How Can They Help?

The ProAdvocate Group can help you represent yourself and increase your chances of successfully litigating your case. If you can’t afford an attorney the ProAdvocate Group provides alternative legal counseling that allows you to still represent yourself. The goal is to ensure that each litigant representing themselves have an opportunity to present their case and get a fair hearing. As a member of the ProAdvocate Group, you have the option of additional services that include:

  • legal research
  • letters
  • appeals
  • pleadings

and much more…

Each of these services work for the individual member and is a service provided by the Private Legal Membership Association. This is an option if you’re a defendant or a potential defendant in a case. In fact, other lawyers refuse to utilize or provide the tools that the ProAdvocate Group lends to their clients. It’s as simple as signing the documents they prepare for you and mailing them to the correct address.

The Advantages Of Becoming A Member Of The ProAdvocate Group

The ProAdvocate Group is prepared to help their clients save thousands of dollars in legal fees. Our membership is low cost and affordable to help you build a defense and stay afloat during the duration of your case. Instead of paying $50,000 for a licensed attorney, you can pay a one-time fee with the ProAdvocate Group and win your case. You’re invited to contact us at the ProAdvocate Group today for more details. We’ll help you get your day in court.

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