Pro-Se Litigation With Super Appeal: How a Private Membership Association can Help You

Uncertainty in the outcome of a case, huge attorney fees, and other additional costs are some of the barriers that make it impossible for people facing charges to hire an attorney. What’s more, hiring an attorney doesn’t always lead to a successful outcome. As such, most litigants find it imperative to represent themselves- a move that is known as pro-se litigation. But what exactly is Pro-se litigation? Can you appeal as a pro-se party? And how can a private membership association assist you if you are a pro-se litigant?

Here is a breakdown of the answers to these fundamental questions.

Pro-Se Litigation With Super Appeal: How a Private Membership Association can Help You

Understanding Pro-se litigation

Put simply, pro-se litigation means self-litigation. Although the word “pro-se” is a Latin word that means “on one’s own behalf,” it has found its way into our legal system.  Statute 28 U.S.C § 1654, to be precise, recognizes the validity of pro-se litigation by providing that a person has a right to appear pro-se in a case.

Even though there are certain limitations to the right to appear as a pro-se litigant, a court can’t bar you from exercising your right unless there are reasonable justifications for doing so.

Can you appeal as a Pro-se Party?

The majority of cases where parties are not represented by an attorney tend to be found in the courts of the first instance. The complexity of the appeal process makes it an almost impossible task for litigants to file an appeal as a pro-se party successfully. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t file an appeal without an attorney.

You can appeal as a pro-se matter by simply following the federal rules of appellate procedure, the court’s rules, and any other relevant statute and case law. However, this may not be straightforward, and you may have difficulty submitting the forms to the court for appeal. As such, it is imperative to seek help from a private membership association that can guide you.

How can a Private Membership Association help you file an appeal as a pro-se party?

Help doesn’t always have to come from an attorney. Joining a private membership association allows you to leverage your rights while, at the same time, you take control over your case. In essence, a private membership association provides you with tools to utilize during the appeal process to help you win your case.

Put simply, a private membership association will:

  • Help file a counterclaim against the plaintiff in your case
  • Help identify any possible breach or violation of rights that can help in the appeal
  • Ensure you file the appeal within the legal framework
  • Challenge the validity of the decision made by the previous judge

Need help?

Pro-se litigation comes with multiple benefits, especially if you wish to avoid all the litigation costs associated with hiring an attorney. In addition, joining a private membership, as you appeal a matter, Pro-se will give you an upper hand in your case.

A private membership association such as ProAdvocate Group can help you achieve a successful appeal. At ProAdvocate, we will draft the necessary documents, conduct legal research and file the appeal on your behalf.

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