Protect Your Assets With A Texas Joint-Stock Company

Starting a business can be a daunting task, especially when considering the legal aspect of owning and running your own company. Most new business owners are advised to incorporate their business through what is called an LLC, meaning a limited liability company or, as a corporation in order to protect their personal assets. However, LLC and Corporations may have limitations when it comes to issues such as asset protection, estate tax issues and judgement proofing.

Protect Your Assets With A Texas Joint-Stock Company

Consider Establishing A Texas Joint-Stock Company 

A Texas Joint Stock Company will give you the ultimate liability protection as a shareholder and has not been limited by the courts. By choosing this entity, you will receive benefits and advantages that you would not have access to if you decided to choose an entity such as an LLC or Corporation. Protecting your financial future should your first priority in building a successful business. Controlling and protecting your assets is the secret to maintaining wealth, even under the most adversarial circumstances.

Benefits of A Texas Joint-Stock Company

When you choose a Texas Joint-Stock Company as your entity, you will have total asset protection, even after a lawsuit is filed and up to the day of final Judgement. Judgement-proofing of assets as well as, avoiding all federal estate taxes and state inheritance taxes are also included in the benefits. You can avoid the need of wills and probate and do business in all fifty states without franchising or chartering with the Secretary of State. As you can see, these reasons alone make establishing a Texas Joint-Stock Company more secure than establishing an LLC or Corporation more appealing. However, there are many more benefits not listed.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of a Texas Joint-Stock Company, The ProAdvocate Group can assist you by determining your needs and if it is right for you. Feel free to contact us and let us help you in protecting your assets.