Protecting Your Assets Is Easier Than You Think

What is asset protection and why is it important? Asset protection is, as it sounds, keeping your assets safe from creditors. It is something that you do from the start so that in the event something happens your plan is already in place.

Protecting Your Assets Is Easier Than You Think

It is important because you want to hang on to your money. Once papers have been filed any money transfers look pretty shady in a court of law. It can draw out the proceedings and possibly cost you more money.

Many businesses flock to LLCs or other public asset corporations such as trusts or partnerships. These are valid and legal ways to protect your assets, but there is another way that not enough people are aware of.

The Texas Joint Stock Company is private, legal, and exempt from the Fraudulent Transfer Act. It actually has many benefits including:

  • it can operate in all fifty states without having to answer to the Secretary of State
  • no franchise fees or annual reporting
  • because it is common law, it is recognized by the state without all of those pesky regulations
  • complete privacy

There are many additional benefits which you can explore for yourself when you set up your consultation.

At ProAdvocate Group there are no strings and no hidden fees. Your initial consultation is free. From there you will receive assistance in setting up a TJSC and setting up a legal defense if it is ever necessary.

When filing with the U.S. Supreme court you do not want to risk all of the legal fees for lawyers and court cost. ProAdvocate Group can give you invaluable assistance with going pro se. This will save you time and money on paperwork alone.

Protect your assets and your wealth. Contact us and get started.