Rebuttal to Unsolicited Negative Content from Various Sources

In an ongoing effort to rebut the occasional unfounded online negative blog or complaint, we have found it a prudent policy to take immediate and strong actions against such perpetrators in an effort to keep the Truth out front.

One example of this action is the slanderous accusations and attacks by an attorney named Jay D. Adkisson of Newport Beach, California as posted on a well-known “complaint board” called Bear in mind that current law (as it applies actions and entities in the “public domain” protect this web site from liability and therefore their policy is NOT to remove ANY posting—negative or positive—for any reason.

Consequently, the following rebuttal is now posted on  The explanations given should be self-explanatory.

Additionally, the following complaint was filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by Karl L. Dahlstrom, Trustee of ProAdvocate Group, concerning false statements by Mr. Adkisson in his Book, Asset Protection.  It should also be noted that Mr. Adkisson has his own company and web page called Quatloose, which has also posted derogatory information concerning Mr. Dahlstrom and ProAdvocate Group.

Click here to read the  FTC complaint letter in its entirety.