Representing Yourself in Court is More Possible than you Think

You’ve probably heard that it’s a horrible idea to try to represent yourself in court. Your right to defend yourself is guaranteed by the U.S Constitution, but self-representation, or “Pro-Se” representation, is generally considered a mistake since non-lawyers lack the skills and latitude to represent themselves effectively in court. We agree that representing yourself alone is a bad idea- but you don’t need to hire a lawyer.  ProAdvocate Group is a private membership organization that can give you the resources and advice you need to win your court case, all without the expense of employing a licensed attorney.

Representing Yourself in Court is More Possible than you Think

Become Your Own Attorney of Record

In court, the attorney of record is whoever is legally representing you in the litigation. If you don’t have a lawyer then you effectively become your own attorney of record. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are completely on your own. You will have to represent yourself during the trial without anyone by your side, but you are able to get as much advice as you need beforehand. However, bear in mind that opposing counsel will try every trick in the book to make your life more difficult.

What ProAdvocate Group Can Offer

Membership in ProAdvocate Group will provide you with access to decades of legal experience and techniques that can help you avoid attorney’s fees and win your case. We prepare all the documents you need for your lawsuit; all you need to do is sign. Attorneys are incentivized to drag your case out for as long as possible, accumulating attorney’s fees along the way. We are here to help you win your case quickly and efficiently. Take a look at some of our strategies here. Contact us today to make an appointment with our expert team and see what membership in ProAdvocate Group can bring for you.