Strategic Criminal Reversal: A Valuable Pro Se Resource

Representing yourself “pro se” can leave you faced with several hurdles. Navigating the court, filing paperwork, meeting deadlines, or understanding statutes can become incomprehensible for an individual without legal knowledge or training in their background. A civil case can result in a significant loss for a pro se litigant, but a lost in a criminal case can cost your freedom and result in huge fines. The legal experts at ProAdvocate Group discuss the advantages of Strategic Criminal Reversal for the benefit of pro se litigants impacted by trial.

Strategic Criminal Reversal: A Valuable Pro Se Resource

What Is Strategic Criminal Reversal?

A pro se litigant may find it difficult to challenge the court system. Strategic Criminal Reversal challenges the criminal case against a pro se litigant. A legal expert will challenge the:

  • Jurisdiction and Authority of the Courts
  • Prosecutor

A highly trained advocate will challenge many areas of the proceedings against you in an effort to get your criminal case successfully overturned. It’s important to have a professional analyze the oath of office, filings, appointment, etc. which is often times, overlooked by a pro se litigant.

What Are The Benefits of Strategic Criminal Reversal?

1. Challenge Authority

Challenging the procedure is one of the key elements of strategic criminal reversal. An advocate will challenge the procedures utilized in your criminal case to ensure the proper procedure was used in your criminal trial. They’ll challenge whether the court properly followed the Constitution, regulations, rules, statutes, etc.

2. Challenge The Information

The information from your criminal case will be challenged to ensure as a pro se litigant, legal facts, elements, and the charging instruments. For example, did the grand jury hand down a proper indictment with the correct information.

3. Challenge The Information Versus Charging Instrument

Finally, the case file information, charging instruments, and trial procedures being challenged are all weighed together in an effort to overturn criminal proceedings against a pro se litigant. Were you a pro se litigant in a criminal case? Would you like to know more? You’re invited to contact us at ProAdvocate Group today.