A Strategic Criminal Reversal – When Is This Possible?

Judging in today’s world carries no punishment against the jury or the judge and leaves the accused in the position of fighting for their innocence. In a trial, the allegations against the accused must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. A Strategic Criminal Reversal – When Is This Possible?

A Strategic Criminal Reversal - When Is This Possible?

However, there have been many instances in which a defendant has been found guilty of a crime not committed. In today’s world, defendants are considered guilty when charged, but they will go to trial since they want to prove themselves innocent.

Our legal system is not always fair and through recent events has been shown to be criminally unjust. Your attire, your looks, your weight, race, gender, and even the time of day can decide your fate. We would all like to believe that judges and juries are fair, that there is no bias, that courts follow the letter of the law, or that no mistakes are incurred during legal proceedings. However, terrible errors have been and are made that lead an innocent person to prison.

As a pro se litigant, we can assist you when the following occurs:

  1. invasion of the attorney-client privilege by the prosecutor
  2. significant legal errors
  3. the use of a coerced confession
  4. mistakes regarding facts or matters of law
  5. the scope of a search warrant is exceeded
  6. attorney failure to consider a defense which would have changed the outcome of a case
  7. corruption
  8. new evidence

The ProAdvocate Group will assist you in finding the appropriate legal avenue for you. We will challenge the courts, prosecutors, and legal proceedings on your behalf. We will review your case and look at all the basic, legal, and factual elements. When you are a Pro Se Litigant, we will do the legal research and assist you with letters, pleadings, and appeals. We can save you money and help you defend yourself in court.

If you would like more information about our services please contact us. We will make the law “work for you and not against you”.