Texas Joint-Stock Company: The Ultimate Judgment Protection and Asset Security Plan

You’ve probably heard the old saying; It’s not what you own, it’s what you control. That’s what we call wealth, and one of the greatest means of control is owning a Texas Joint-Stock Company, which comes with an automatic Revocable Living Trust Combination. Doing so provides your family with two essential assets – judgment protection and asset security.

Texas Joint-Stock Company: The Ultimate Judgment Protection and Asset Security Plan

What is a Joint-Stock Company?

A joint-stock company is owned by investors to finance expensive endeavors like expanding a factory or building a railroad. Through joint-stock companies, investors provide capital for these projects in exchange for shares of ownership in the company.

Benefits of a Texas Joint Stock Company

  1. No judge or jury can force a sale of your property to pay off creditors, as they can with other assets, like IRAs or 401Ks.
  2. Because it’s a separate legal entity, a Texas joint-stock company holds title to real estate so that you don’t have to disclose who owns it on property records.
  3. You own 100% of your shares; no one else has any claim.
  4. You control all aspects of its operation through written agreements, including how profits are distributed, which is important if you have multiple shareholders.
  5. If one shareholder dies, their shares pass directly to their heirs without going through probate court—saving time and money for everyone involved.
  6. It doesn’t matter where you live now or where you move later—your shares will always be protected from creditors.
  7. It isn’t subject to state franchise taxes.

Why Texas Joint Stock Company is the best option for you

To protect your family’s assets, you should use a Texas Joint Stock Company (TJSC). A TJSC has features that protect you from losing your assets due to judgments, garnishments, or creditor claims. Further, a TJSC establishes an ownership entity for your business interests; you can take active control of those business interests through voting rights in your corporation.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a more stable way to protect your assets. We can help you form a joint-stock company or revocable living trust combination in Texas.