Texas Private Membership Association

Over the years, Private Membership Associations have become extremely necessary. This is because there are tons of perks associated with the same. But first things first. Do you know what a Private Membership Association is? If not, you are in the right place. Take a look as we explore the meaning and advantages of PMAs.

Texas Private Membership Association

What you need to know

A Private Membership Association is a group of people seeking to ensure that their rights as granted by the constitution are secured and respected. As the name suggests, they do not require so much trouble to start.

Besides, members are guaranteed a number of benefits that they could not otherwise enjoy if they were not part of the association. For instance, did you know that PMAs are not subject to the jurisdictional laws of their respective states or even those of the federal and local government? Well, now you know!

Legal Basis

Private Membership Associations wouldn’t be recognized unless they derived their authority and power to operate from a higher instrument. In this case, the

buttresses the right to association of all persons.

This right is inextricably linked with the freedom of speech, as has been confirmed by the Supreme Court in a number of cases. As such, though not directly recognized by the constitution, PMAs enjoy some protection.

What are the Pros of Private Membership Associations?

Protection from legal sanctions

Right off the bat, a private membership association will protect its members from legal investigations and scrutiny. In turn, this ensures that no licensing board can intervene in the affairs of the organization or give sanctions unless a clear danger is posed by its activities.

Business privacy

A private membership association will also enjoy the privilege to freely and privately transact and contract pursuant to the 5th and 14th amendments to the constitution. The financial dealings will also be protected.

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