What You Can Challenge with a Strategic Criminal Reversal

Being charged with a crime can be a very stressful experience. While the current legal system in place intends to assume innocence, there are situations in which the system does not work properly and you are convicted with a crime that you are innocent of. In many situations, a great option would be to pursue a strategic criminal reversal if you feel that your rights were not properly represented. A strategic criminal reversal could overturn a charge or stop a criminal proceeding several different ways.

What You Can Challenge with a Strategic Criminal Reversal

Challenge the Authority of Courts

One way that you could change a criminal proceeding would be by challenging the authority of the court. In these situations you may be able to have the case moved to a different jurisdiction or have it be heard by a different level of court. This can be a great option if you feel that you are in a disadvantage in a certain area.

Claim Procedures Were Not Followed

In order for you to be arrested and charged with a crime, a very specific set of rules and procedures need to be followed. If the court system does not follow these procedures correctly it is a violation of your rights and the whole court case could be thrown out. One of the most effective forms of a strategic criminal reversal is to double check that all steps were followed correctly and having the case overturned if they were not.

Challenge the Evidence

When you are looking to complete a strategic criminal reversal, another option is to challenge the evidence. If there is glaring problems with the evidence that was used in the trial, objecting to it during an appeal could be a good option. This could then warrant having the case heard again.

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