Why Now Is A Great Time To Join A Private Membership Association

According to the ProAdvocate Group, “when properly-formed, a private membership association guarantees assembly and speech under the First and Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.” For others, it’s a right to advocate for collective rights, procedures, services, devices, or products for the maintenance of the mind, body, and spirit. Today, many professionals and entrepreneurs understand the importance of being a part of a private membership association. Learn why now is a good time to join a PMA by reading more details below.

Why Now Is A Great Time To Join A Private Membership Association

Why Private Membership Association’s Are On The Rise?

Many people join local, state, and international PMA’s for many reasons, but they’re becoming increasingly popular. In Canada, members are guaranteed the freedom of assembly and speech under Section Two of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Being a part of an PMA organization gives many people a voice of advocacy, but it also offers its members the option of:

  • networking
  • membership association directories
  • training/courses
  • benefits programs
  • access to events/conferences
  • give back to the community

Members have a chance to share their knowledge and provide support that will strengthen the community. In fact, there’s a private membership association for nearly any type of business niche, social awareness initiative, health issue, and more. Surprisingly, more younger adults are retaining private membership.

Who Is The ProAdvocate Group?

Established in 2003 with over 41 years of research, the ProAdvocate Group serves as a private membership organization. Our goal is teaching and the support of collective principles that work for you and not against you. In fact, we’re proud to announce our extraordinary privacy protection for licensed medical practitioners. Our goal is to provide our clients with the benefits of practicing medicine without high malpractice fees, eliminate sanctions and illegal investigations and less risk of malpractice.

You’re encouraged to contact us at the ProAdvocate Group for more details on our private membership association. We implement strategies for justice and against people that attempt to do you or your business harm!