Wrongfully Convicted of a Crime?

Being convicted of a crime can be quite stressful, especially for those who did not commit the crime that they have been accused of. If you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime there are several factors that may help lead to a reversal of the decision. The first steps in the appeal process will be to convince the court that there was something wrong with the case that led to the conviction.

Wrongfully Convicted of a Crime?

One factor that may be used in a strategic criminal reversal plan is to convince the court that the lawyer that represented you was ineffective. For this to be used in an appeals case there must be proof that your lawyer did not do everything in their power to protect your rights during the case.

Another factor that can be used in a criminal reversal is if the prosecution crossed the line during the court hearings. Chances are that if you have watched any television show involving trial lawyers you have seen one of the lawyers stand and yell objection your honor. A lawyer does this when he or she feels that the other side has crossed a line. This may be in allowing evidence to be heard by the jury that should not have been or some other type of legal error being made. When this occurs it must be proven that an error was made by the prosecution and that it requires that the case be reviewed.

When an error occurs it is important to note that your lawyer must show that harm was caused by this error. There are some errors that occur during a trial that do not necessarily affect the outcome of the trial. During the process of attempting a criminal reversal it is important to make sure that all of the facts are in place as this will improve your chances of an acquittal.

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