Expert Legal Help Without Going Bankrupt

Regular citizens who are charged with a crime can easily get lost in our confusing legal system. Although it is the backbone of this country’s judicial system, it is filled with outdated terminology and procedural rules. Utilizing the services of Pro-Advocate Group, a person can represent themselves. This is called Pro-Se Litigation. Being a non-lawyer and needing representation is very expensive. Attorneys charge billable hours for any work they do on a case whether it is behind the scenes or meeting directly with a client. This includes the hours spent researching the case, filing paperwork, etc. the list can be long. Average billable hourly rate in 2012 was between $370.00 for associates and $536.00 for partners. As that was over 6 years ago you know the rates have only increased. It is possible to get expert help while not bankrupting yourself.

Expert Legal Help Without Going Bankrupt

Pro-Advocate Group will do all of the following:

  • legal research
  • sending letters
  • filing pleadings
  • submitting appeals

In addition to the above items the general public has a rudimentary knowledge of, there are so many more procedures that may need to be completed once the case begins, procedures the average person has little or very limited knowledge of.

What the defendant will have to do:

  • Sign the necessary documents

There is nothing else that you, the defendant has to do. Pro Advocate group was created in 2003, and has been helping people out of tough situations for over 15 years, but with a cumulative total of 41 years handling legal issues for individuals and businesses. Let our experts focus on your case, while you get on with the rest of your life.

Bottom line is, you need an expert. Hiring an attorney is not always the best answer. Contact us as Pro-Advocate Group to get help you with your case, and save thousands of dollars.