Helping You Gain a Strategic Criminal Reversal

Helping You Gain a Strategic Criminal ReversalOften times businesses and individuals find out about our services after the damage in the courts has already been done. Because of a weak defense and/or corruption in the legal process, the outcome results in an injustice needing to be legally countered. In cases like this, the ProAdvocate Group can help in offering legal assistance in regards to a strategic criminal reversal.

Since our founding in 2003, our combined 41 years of intense research has provided us with a unique ability to find answers for small businesses facing legal challenges in areas most legal professionals avoid. In our effort to help small business entities guard against unethical legal assaults to protect their assets, the ProAdvocate Group strives to make the law work for you and not against you. In light of this effort, our strategic criminal reversal service is meant to hold accountable the legal system by the principles, ruling, and regulations the legal system sets forth to begin with.

Specifically, as a Pro Se litigant on your behalf we’ll use the following actions to overturn any unjust criminal proceedings that went against you:

    • Challenge the Jurisdiction and Authority of the Courts and Prosecutors ( Proper Appointment, Oath of Office, Filings)
    • Challenge the Procedures
    • Check the charging instrument (grand jury indictment or information) for missing or excessive basic, legal, and factual elements
    • Determine whether charging instrument was amended during trial
    • Determine whether petit jury instructions were different from the charging instrument.

We at the ProAdvocate Group understand all American citizens are obligated to receive due process and equal protection under the U.S. Constitution, and we use the methods above to gather the evidence needed to overturn a conviction gained corruptly. By teaching and supporting our inherent rights using basic legal principles, we hope to obtain a strategic criminal reversal for your business.

Our Biblical perspective gives us the unique ability to understand the motivations for the unethical attacks waged against your business. We strive to help teach Americans their inherent rights as a safeguard in asset and professional protection. By using our experience and knowledge of the law we’ve had unprecedented success in defending our clients with basic legal principles. If you’re in need of a strategic criminal reversal, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you successfully navigate these matters.