Pro-Se Litigation Gives Smaller Businesses an Edge

Pro-Se Litigation Gives Smaller Businesses an Edge Defending against lawsuits can be expensive and has the potential of destroying a business’ finances completely, resulting in the loss of the case and business. ProAdvocate Group has the knowledge and legal expertise to help members defend themselves Pro Se, as the attorney of record. With our guidance and help with all legal actions and filings, an affordable defense could be sustained to outlast the Plaintiff and win the case.

Considering court and lawyer fees could reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for each lawsuit, becoming a life-time member of The ProAdvocate Group Association is a very affordable option. A life-time membership gives members decades of experience in professional law research with accessible tools and solutions to make the law work for you.

Save thousands of dollars in court cases by using our expert legal help and defending yourself. ProAdvocate Group will take care of the legal research, letters, pleadings, appeals, and legal paperwork for our members as they defendant against lawsuits. Another powerful aspect of your membership gained is the knowledge of legal techniques and procedures that methodically are used to validate if the lawsuit has legality in the first place. Techniques like challenging the jurisdiction and authority of the Court by determining if Oaths of Office are in compliance with state constitutions, and many other helpful strategies have been effective in keeping the Plantiff and Courts honest.

Circumstances will vary depending on the details and the motivation behind the lawsuit in general. For instance, if you’re a Christian business that bakes wedding cakes, then your business would greatly benefit from The ProAdvocate Group’s life-time membership. We’ll take appeals all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court at no extra cost, and also give the tools needed to get many cases simply dismissed. Our Christian foundation gives us insight into the motivations of certain lawsuits, and we offer a way to successfully defend your business in an affordable way.

We’ve been helping people for years defend their assets and businesses from unconstitutional litigation. The legal costs and court fees from complex procedures are too high for most small and medium-sized businesses to sustain, so they lose their cases and businesses. ProAdvocate Group can help you through Pro-Se Litigation, and secure your business’ future. To learn more, please contact us today.