I’m A Doctor Who Was Charged With Medical Malpractice – Now What?

Did you know that 61% of doctors will be accused of medical malpractice by their late career? It can be a life-changing experience and could set back your career. Many cases will be settled before they even go to court, but there is definitely a price that’s paid following a lawsuit.

I'm A Doctor Who Was Charged With Medical Malpractice - Now What?

Personal Feelings After Being Sued

Even if you aren’t convicted, being accused of medical malpractice can be an emotionally draining event. It could lead to stress about the future of your career, financial situation, and more. Some doctors may find that their patients are more generally distrusting towards them. The doctors who decide not to let the litigation decide the fate of their career will move on from the accusation and have a long career.

Litigation Process Of A Medical Malpractice Suit

There are multiple stages of the litigation process. First, there will be a charge detailing what you either did or failed to do to the patient. This is usually followed by a public notice. Next is the discovery period, which includes interrogations, depositions, and expert witnesses. There will be an oral testimony under oath and expert witnesses will offer opinions on both sides. After, there will be a trial stage including various pretrial maneuvers that could close the case. If the case does end up going to trial, a decision will be made by a judge.

How To Cope With Litigation

Being accused of medical malpractice can be a very emotionally challenging time. Here are some of our favorite tips for coping with the litigation;

  • Discuss your feelings with a trusted person
  • Ask your lawyer what your role is in the litigation process
  • Engage in confidence-building activities
  • Take some time off work
  • Take an active role in defending your case

It’s no secret that being accused of a medical malpractice case can be very draining to a professional. You need a good attorney to get you through the litigation process. Contact us at the Pro-Advocate Group today for help getting through your medical malpractice case.