What You Shouldn’t Do If Accused Of Medical Malpractice

Being accused of medical malpractice could damage or potentially destroy your career. Fortunately, with the right legal help, it is possible to come back from an accusation. You should always build a strong defense, but there are a few things you definitely shouldn’t do while fighting an accusation. Avoiding the following mistakes can help you beat your medical malpractice case.

What You Shouldn't Do If Accused Of Medical Malpractice

You Shouldn’t Forget To Report

As soon as you receive notice of being accused of medical malpractice, you must report to your medical malpractice insurance company. Failing to report an accusation can hurt you in the long run and could destroy your defense. When you notify the malpractice carrier, they are able to ensure you receive your applicable coverage and assign you a defense counsel. Prompt reporting to the malpractice carrier will facilitate your rights under your insurance policy and helps with deadlines associated with your defense.

You Shouldn’t Fail To Follow Medical Record Practices

Your practice should always follow some standard of medical record documentation. Once you’ve been accused of malpractice, never alter or change records. Doing this can lead to a fraud accusation, which carries severe consequences.

You Shouldn’t Decide To Not Cooperate In The Defense Of A Medical Malpractice Claim

We already understand that as a medical provider, you’re busy. Even so, you need to spend time putting some effort into your medical malpractice case. By hiring an attorney, you will cut back on some of the work but you still need to cooperate no matter what. You need to provide any requested documentation or information. If you don’t cooperate as much as possible, an attorney won’t be able to build a strong case.

You Should Contact The Pro-Advocate Group

Once you have been accused of medical malpractice and have notified your malpractice carrier, you need to contact the Pro-Advocate Group. We can help build you a strong case and clear your name.