Righting Injustice: Strategic Criminal Reversal

Anyone convicted of a crime has a legal recourse, a strategic criminal reversal. The process begins with an appeal to a higher court in which that court reviews the lower court’s decision. This is a complex legal matter and can be frustrating for a plaintiff, especially if they are sitting in jail awaiting a decision. Peace of mind while sitting through the process is alleviated if your case is in the hands of experienced strategic criminal reversal attorneys.

Righting Injustice: Strategic Criminal Reversal

Factors for Strategic Criminal Reversal

A strategic criminal reversal involves the court reviewing all trial documentation to ascertain if there was error that led to a conviction. They will look for ineffective counsel, juror misconduct, and legal error. The higher court investigates insufficient or improperly admitted evidence to see if a jury convicted on misleading information. They even determine if the presiding judge was biased in conduct.

Why We Support Criminal Reversal

The legal system argues fair treatment for all, but this simply isn’t true. Everything about a plaintiff impacts treatment. Clothes, skin color, type of crime, money, and even the mood of the jury or defense lawyer. Tragedies like the Central Park Five forever linger, demonstrating that when it comes to “fair,” no one is safe.

Criminal reversals give all of us an opportunity to right terrible wrongs. From illegal bias to clumsy mistakes by the defense or deliberate misleading by prosecutors, we as a society have to hold the legal system responsible when their actions have led to injustice.

Formed in 2003, ProAdvocate Group advocates, teaches, and supports principles to make the law work for you. Our team of strategic criminal reversal attorneys is ready to go before judge and jury on your behalf. We are not new to this process. Our expertise comes from over 41 years of research and success in the most specialized cases, including complex criminal reversals.