Strategic Criminal Reversal in Law

Criminal prosecution always assumes that all constitutional guarantees and procedures were followed correctly so that the accused person has all his or her legal rights protected. In some cases, careful examination of a case can determine that there were errors in the legal case which makes the judgement invalid. When this happens the defendant can … Read moreStrategic Criminal Reversal in Law

Consider an Irrevocable Trust for Asset Protection

When you are thinking about asset protection and estate planning, you may think that the two go hand-in-hand. Sometimes that’s true, but not always. If you go to the trouble of creating a living trust to hold your assets, you think that this keeps them out of creditor’s hands. The common revocable living trust used in estate … Read moreConsider an Irrevocable Trust for Asset Protection

The Benefits of Establishing a Family Living Trust

If you’ve been considering estate planning, and specifically a living trust, it may benefit you to consider a family trust. A family trust is a type of living trust, with the allocation of assets or funds being made to your named beneficiaries – family members – with certain conditions attached. The trust is managed by an appointed … Read moreThe Benefits of Establishing a Family Living Trust

You Can Represent Yourself in Court

One of the services we offer here at ProAdvocate Group is to support you as you pursue pro-se litigation. Pro-se litigation, Latin for “for oneself”, means that you stand as your own attorney – you represent yourself. According to the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) report, 2007, the rate of pro-se litigants continues to climb. … Read moreYou Can Represent Yourself in Court