You Can Represent Yourself in Court

You Can Represent Yourself in CourtOne of the services we offer here at ProAdvocate Group is to support you as you pursue pro-se litigation. Pro-se litigation, Latin for “for oneself”, means that you stand as your own attorney – you represent yourself. According to the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) report, 2007, the rate of pro-se litigants continues to climb. The NCSC report questions whether state court staff across the country have the resources to help pro-se litigants understand court procedures and avoid common pitfalls.

We will help you successfully navigate the world of litigation. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. When you become a member of the ProAdvocate Group, by paying a one-time low-cost fee, we’ll help you become an aggressive Defendant by providing you with tools and techniques the average pro-se litigant just doesn’t have.

  • We will determine whether the Plaintiff has legal standing to sue you.
  • We will ply the Plaintiff with extensive discovery requests, including Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents.
  • We will file counterclaims and liens against the Plaintiff’s properties.
  • We will file Motions to Dismiss and Motions for Summary Judgment, where appropriate.

In short, the only difference between your being a pro-se litigant with our support and hiring an attorney is the cost. Why pay an attorney hundreds of thousands of dollars to do what you can do yourself, with our help. The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that one’s right to represent oneself is guaranteed in our Constitution. Don’t give up that right.

To learn more about how we here at ProAdvocate Group can help you represent yourself in court, please contact us.