Pro-Se Litigation – You Can Do It Yourself!

ProAdvocate Group can help you represent yourself in a court case instead of using a licensed attorney of law by becoming the attorney of record. How is this possible? As in any field of work or study, one soon becomes somewhat of an expert in that particular line of work. ProAdvocate Group consists of many … Read morePro-Se Litigation – You Can Do It Yourself!

Preparing for the Worst – Living Trust or a Will?

The mere mention of words such as ‘will’, ‘estate planning’, or ‘probate’ sends anyone in earshot scurrying for safety. It is natural to avoid conversations that involve accepting the reality that life does eventually end, however, it is critical to sit down and plan out what will happen to your estate once you cannot advocate … Read morePreparing for the Worst – Living Trust or a Will?

A Living Trust vs a Will – A Comparison

It’s commonly understood that it makes sense to have some form of written document that details how your assets will be divided up and distributed after you pass away. However, there are some important differences between the two concepts. A living trust, which is often referred to as a “revocable” trust, is a binding legal … Read moreA Living Trust vs a Will – A Comparison

Incorporation Doctrine of 14th Amendment

The Constitution and its Bill of Rights are often seen as the cornerstones of personal liberty and freedom here in the United States. But for a while, the Bill of Rights only applied to federal, not state, cases. That’s right – until as late as the 1920s, states did not have to abide by the Bill of … Read moreIncorporation Doctrine of 14th Amendment

Asset Protection Through Irrevocable Trusts

Many people are uncomfortable thinking about their passing and put off estate planning, but preparing for this event allows one to ensure that assets are distributed appropriately. Estate planning can also provide benefits while you are alive as irrevocable trusts can help one safeguard assets. Trusts Trusts allow an individual or couple to pass assets … Read moreAsset Protection Through Irrevocable Trusts

The Fourteenth Amendment and Citizenship

The Constitution makes several references to United States citizens but didn’t originally spell out the qualifications for citizenship. It also refers to citizens of states, a concept which is still valid even if we don’t think much about it.It wasn’t until the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 that the Constitution guaranteed anyone citizenship. … Read moreThe Fourteenth Amendment and Citizenship

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Living Trust

Families seeking to give their children or grandchildren money should consider a living trust, which is an account where someone’s assets are held for the benefit of another person. The grantor is the person who starts the trust and has control over who his beneficiaries will be as well as how the assets will be distributed. … Read moreAdvantages and Disadvantages of a Living Trust

Fight Injustice The Legal Way With Strategic Criminal Reversal

Are you stressed out due to an injustice toward you or a loved one? Taking things into your own hands is definitely not a wise option so fight injustice the legal way with Strategic Criminal Reversal. Fighting the legal way is your best option and allowing the law to work in your favor never felt better. … Read moreFight Injustice The Legal Way With Strategic Criminal Reversal

How Can A Texas Joint Stock Company Maintain Wealth?

It’s not what you own, it’s what you control. How do the wealthy maintain wealth even under adversarial conditions?  Texas Joint-Stock Companies are often the answer.  We at ProAdvocate Group are able to help you set up a Texas Joint-Stock Company and avoid liability.  You will be judgement proofing your company! A Texas Joint-Stock Company offers … Read moreHow Can A Texas Joint Stock Company Maintain Wealth?

Learn More About Homesteading and Asset Protection

If you have been thinking about asset protection, or were advised by someone that it may be wise for you to consider this type of protection, you may wonder what asset protection entails. Asset protection is a type of financial planning that protects assets from creditor claims. Businesses and individuals use asset protection as a way … Read moreLearn More About Homesteading and Asset Protection