Why You Should Care About a Living Trust

Designing and developing strategies to secure an individual’s future financial security demands careful analysis, and the understanding and use of many legal instruments. In our minds, a Living Trust without a doubt is one of the most important of these instruments. Let us take a moment to explain just why you should care about this … Read moreWhy You Should Care About a Living Trust

Benefits of Creating a Living Trust

A living trust can be defined as the process of managing one’s financial assets for one’s current and future enjoyment. This is different than a standard trust, which holds property aside for a future beneficiary. Living trusts allow both the trustee and the beneficiary to profit from the ongoing hands-on management of the trustee. Living … Read moreBenefits of Creating a Living Trust

Why Create a Living Trust?

Living trusts can be quite confusing to the average consumer. First, creating a living trust occurs while a person is still alive. Within the living trust, assets are gathered and transferred from an owner’s name into the name of the trustee assigned to the living trust. The property within the trust is owned by the … Read moreWhy Create a Living Trust?