Taxpayer’s Legal Defense: Understanding Your Rights

The tax laws and procedures are complex, to say the least. This is often problematic for the taxpayers, who often have a basic understanding of the law governing taxes. For this reason, administrative bodies such as the IRS take advantage of the situation and violate or infringe the rights of taxpayers. As such, the text payers are subjected to multiple claims and lawsuits unknowingly That said, understanding the rights of taxpayers and the applicable defenses is important. Essentially, it enables taxpayers to safeguard their rights and avoid harsh penalties and fines associated with the IRS’ own decisions.

Here’s what you need to know.

Taxpayer’s Legal Defense: Understanding Your Rights

You have a Right to Challenge IRS Notices

Demand notices from the IRS are very problematic. Oftentimes, such notices are often incorrect and incomplete. However, taxpayers unknowingly cough up money even when there is a genuine mistake made by the IRS.

Noteworthy is that you can challenge the notice if you disagree. This should be done promptly as soon as you receive the notice in order to avoid complications.

You have the Right to Appeal any decision made by the IRS.

The right to appeal any administrative decision is part and parcel of the legal system. Therefore, if you feel like a decision by the IRS was made against you or you are faced with an audit, you have a right to appeal to the IRS appeals office.

Essentially, an appeal prevents infringement of your rights and enables the IRS to carefully evaluate their decision.

You have the Right to Represent Yourself before the IRS

Not all problems require you to involve an attorney. Sometimes, an issue with the IRS can be handled independently as long as it isn’t complex. Representing yourself before the IRS will save you money and time. In the same token, you will be able to handle the dispute or any other issue subject to your terms.

Noteworthy is that you can get help from a private Membership Association like the ProAdvocate group, which can advise you and help you leverage your rights.

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As a taxpayer, your rights are fundamental. As such, they shouldn’t be violated by any person or administrative body.

That said, you can benefit from joining a membership association that will help safeguard your taxpayer’s rights. Contact us today to learn more.