When You Need a Strategic Criminal Reversal

Strategic criminal reversals are legal procedures that challenge a conviction. In most cases, it’s applied to fight court decisions, refute the evidence, or argue a violation of procedure and rights. The goal is to overturn legal judgments or potentially stop criminal proceedings. Find out more about when you need a strategic criminal reversal.

When You Need a Strategic Criminal Reversal

When to Implement This Strategy

These are the circumstances where we consider arguing for a reversal.

  • Prosecutor disregard attorney/client privilege
  • Disregard of matters of law or facts
  • Any confession or testimony that was the result of coercion.
  • Discovery of legal error
  • Evidence of corrupted process
  • Law enforcement ignores scope of a search warrant
  • Inadequate defense
  • Uncovering new evidence

Using Strategic Criminal Reversal

Glitches in the criminal justice system can lead to mistakes. Everyone deserves fair treatment and due process. When they don’t get it, defendants must use the law to defend themselves.

The strategic criminal reversal is the solution for the following situations.

Argue the Evidence

We discover misrepresentation, failure to disclose, lack of evidence, or other issues used at trial that merit reversal.

To Face the Courts

The defense can challenge court authorities for inability to adjudicate objectively or to argue about lack of jurisdiction. The argument is viable if there’s evidence a defendant was at a disadvantage in a specific court or region.

Violation of Rights and Abuse of Claim Procedures

The legal system must adhere to the laws, rules, and procedures outlined in the statutes. When the system fails to follow protocols, the defendant has a legal right to argue they were unduly prosecuted.

Whether you file a writ or an appeal, it’s important to have the ear of professionals that understand strategic criminal reversals and how to effectively navigate the quagmire that is the legal justice system. ProAdvocate Group has a background in intense legal research resulting in success in specialized and complex legal matters.

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