Do You Need a Strategic Criminal Reversal Lawyer?

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Do You Need a Strategic Criminal Reversal Lawyer?

Strategic Criminal Reversal Lawyers 

After a criminal plaintiff has been convicted and sentenced by a court, he can file an appeal in a higher court and ask it to review the decision made by the lower court. The higher court can check if there were any legal errors that could have affected the lawsuit’s outcome.

The appeals court can reverse the lower court’s decision in part or whole if it grants the appeal. However, the decision will stand if the appeals court denies the appeal.

Grounds for Strategic Criminal Reversal

Factors that can result in a strategic criminal reversal include ineffective assistance of counsel, legal error and juror misconduct in a criminal case. Legal errors can result from insufficient evidence to support verdict that’s guilty, incorrect jury instructions and improperly admitted evidence.

The appeals court can only grant the appeal if it finds the errors affected the lawsuit’s outcome. The conviction will stand if the legal errors won’t change the verdict as they’ll be considered harmless.

The plaintiff can also appeal the conviction if he believes the jury failed to conduct itself properly during trial. Jury misconduct includes improper communication between jurors and the counsel or witnesses, use of experiments and drug abuse during deliberations.

The Right to Appeal

Plaintiffs can’t appeal their conviction if the conviction was as a result of their guilty plea. An appeal will only be heard if the appeals court grants the plaintiff permission to proceed. However, plaintiffs convicted by a jury at trial can appeal their convictions.

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