Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of the Pharmacist

The role of a pharmacist is ever evolving. Due to the drug abuse problem in the country, pharmacists now have to go through a rigorous process just to simply fill a narcotic prescription. The pharmacist must check the legitimacy of several factors before giving the prescription to the person. Some of the steps the pharmacist must follow include:

Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of the Pharmacist

  • Determine if the prescription is legitimate.
  • Examine the paper, writing, date, and signature to ensure no forgery has occurred.
  • Check the prescription paper to see if it looks proper and not like ordinary paper.
  • Ensure the physician wrote the DEA number on the prescription.
  • Check the state Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) database to make sure the person filling the prescription isn’t going to multiple locations for medicine.

The pharmacist’s role is one filled with responsibility. One wrong move and it may be grounds for suspension or removal of their professional license. It takes many years to acquire a professional pharmacy license and the threat of losing it is devastating. What should you expect and do if your license is in danger of being revoked?

The Board of Pharmacy will contact you to let you know that you are under investigation and subject to losing your license. This contact will come in the form of a letter and include the date and time that you are to appear for a hearing. During the hearing, the board makes a decision after hearing all the evidence in the case. You may appeal the case to the state court if you don’t agree with the outcome.

If you receive a notice from the Board of Pharmacy, it’s important to contact a reputable attorney right away. An attorney can begin building a case for you and working to salvage your license. It’s best not to contact the board and attempt to discuss the situation or ask questions because anything you say may be used against you during the hearing.

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