Find the Proper Legal Solution with ProAdvocate Group

ProAdvocate Group is Private Membership Association that provides phenomenal privacy protection. ProAdvocate Group was founded in April 2003 with a mission of instructing and implementing principles of making the law work for you and not against you. With over 41 years of unprecedented success, we are here to help you find the proper legal solution your small business is facing.

Membership with ProAdvocate Group

Below you will find a list of the programs we offer.

We have many answers regarding the risks facing most small business entities and position our members to be in an offensive mode regarding legal challenges, asset protection, and professional safeguards. Our programs are designed to educate and guide in the areas that most legal professionals are often reluctant to address for various professional reasons.

Let us help you find the proper legal solution for your problem and peace of mind. We are founded upon legal principles that are backed by book, chapter, and verse of legal rulings, regulations, and Supreme Court interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. We teach and support the inherent rights of DUE PROCESS and EQUAL PROTECTION under the law. ProAdvocate Group is not reinventing the wheel.

We offer seminars and our number one goal is for all of our present and future members to understand everything about our programs. In every seminar, you will be given a syllabus with cases, studies, and rulings that back up every program we offer.

If you should have further interest in our membership program and could use our help in finding a proper legal solution contact us today.