Pro-Se Litigation: Our Tools Can Empower You

It doesn’t matter whether you’re suing or being sued: legal fees add up fast. Even if you have an air-tight case, you’ll end up losing if you can’t afford to keep paying legal fees. Pro se litigation may be your best bet. Pro se is a Latin phrase that means ‘for yourself’, and it’s used to describe cases in which the litigants go before the court without legal counsel. Pro se litigation has some obvious benefits–like drastically reduced legal costs–but there are potential pitfalls, too. After all, unless you’re a lawyer, you probably lack the expertise that helps win cases. As Abraham Lincoln famously commented, those who represent themselves have ‘a fool for a client’.

Pro-Se Litigation: Our Tools Can Empower You

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. With ProAdvocate Group’s help, you can keep costs down and have access to legal expertise. In fact, ProAdvocate Group gives you specific tools that will enable you to bring your legal woes to a speedy close.

For instance, ProAdvocate Group can help you file a notice of lis pendens in cases that involve any kind of real estate dispute. Lis pendens means ‘pending judgment’, and is a tool that often brings a case to settlement quickly. According to Texas law code, a notice of lis pendens can be filed by anyone who is ‘seeking affirmative relief’ from legal action involving real estate. A notice of lis pendens alerts any potential buyers to the fact of a dispute and makes it difficult for the owners to sell. Owners who can’t sell are usually motivated to seek a quick resolution to the lawsuit.

Lis pedals are just one of the tools you can use when you chose pro se litigation with ProAdvocate Group’s help. And the best tool of all? ProAdvocate Group’s on-going help with research, document preparation, and all the other details that demand the expertise you may not possess on your own.

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