Medical Practitiononer’s Defense

All Medical practitioners understand that at some point and time in their career they will most likely be sued. Statistics show that it does not matter what field of medicine you practice, your chances of one of your patients deciding to hire an attorney and go after you are very high. The AMA (American Medical … Read moreMedical Practitiononer’s Defense

Pro-Se Litigation: Our Tools Can Empower You

It doesn’t matter whether you’re suing or being sued: legal fees add up fast. Even if you have an air-tight case, you’ll end up losing if you can’t afford to keep paying legal fees. Pro se litigation may be your best bet. Pro se is a Latin phrase that means ‘for yourself’, and it’s used to describe cases in … Read morePro-Se Litigation: Our Tools Can Empower You

Alternative Medical Services Protection

Have you wondered how you can practice very hopeful alternative medical procedures without illegal investigations and sanctions by licensing boards, federal and state governments, regulators, and law enforcement officials? Private membership association is key to attaining Alternative Medical Services Protection. Properly formed private membership associations guarantee freedom of assembly and speech under the first and … Read moreAlternative Medical Services Protection

Pro Se Litigation: Self-Advocating with ProAdvocate Group

Millions of lawsuits are filed in the U.S. making our country the most litigious country in the world. We have received information that you are involved in a lawsuit. Our legal association of members has researched criminal law defenses beyond the expertise of most criminal defense law firms.  Our strategy is to obtain a dismissal … Read morePro Se Litigation: Self-Advocating with ProAdvocate Group

Defend Yourself Pro Se

Sue or Defend Yourself Pro Se to Reduce Legal Cost and Increase Probability of Success with ProAdvocate Group Assistance If you are a Plaintiff or Defendant or a Potential Plaintiff or Defendant in a lawsuit, you should consider becoming a private member of ProAdvocate Group, a Private Legal Membership Association. We do all the legal … Read moreDefend Yourself Pro Se