Medical Practitiononer’s Defense

All Medical practitioners understand that at some point and time in their career they will most likely be sued. Statistics show that it does not matter what field of medicine you practice, your chances of one of your patients deciding to hire an attorney and go after you are very high. The AMA (American Medical Association) states that 60% of doctors over the age of 55 have been sued at least once in their lifetime. This means, according to the AMA, that an average of ninety-five medical malpractice lawsuits has been filed for every one hundred doctors who are practicing now.

Medical Practitiononer's Defense

This is a scary statistic for all physicians who currently practice. As an educated physician, you know that facing a lawsuit can ruin your career, your practice and even your life as you so carefully built it. This can easily happen even if you were not in the wrong. It does not have to be fair for someone to decide to sue you. When you find yourself in this position, you immediately think, “I have to hire an attorney!”

Although hiring an attorney may make you feel protected, this can be a little misleading. Attorneys often charge a lot of money to represent you because they have a lot of knowledge and experience in their field, but wait! You can access the information you need in another way.

There is an option available which you may not have thought about before. You can take steps to protect yourself with our help. If you are a doctor facing a lawsuit you need to know about ProAdvocate Group. We are here to help you through this challenging event. Before you hire an attorney to contact us.

We offer you safety, experience, and knowledge. These tools equip you with the information and steps that successfully guide you through this process. With ProAdvocate Group you are informed and can confidently face the courtroom.