Medical Practitiononer’s Defense

All Medical practitioners understand that at some point and time in their career they will most likely be sued. Statistics show that it does not matter what field of medicine you practice, your chances of one of your patients deciding to hire an attorney and go after you are very high. The AMA (American Medical … Read moreMedical Practitiononer’s Defense

The Real Cost of Following an Ineffective Medical Practitioner’s Defense

In 2015, a Medscape study showed that 59% of the 4,000 primary care physicians they surveyed had been named in a malpractice lawsuit. More and more, medical professionals have pulled away from their passion of treating the sick to contend with malpractice cases, even those that have no merit. ven worse, to resolve their cases, … Read moreThe Real Cost of Following an Ineffective Medical Practitioner’s Defense

Medical Practitioner’s Defense–We’re on Your Side

Are you a medical or health professional being investigated by the Texas Medical Board?  You are not alone.  The TMB often uses scare tactics and illegal actions that can result in a settlement agreement that can be permanently damaging to your career.  But you don’t have to let them win! ProAdvocate Group has put a … Read moreMedical Practitioner’s Defense–We’re on Your Side

Medical Practitioner’s Legal Defense

If you are also presently being investigated by a licensing board, you will want to ensure DUE PROCESS and ensure your constitutional rights immediately. There is a high degree of probability that your rights have been violated and therefore you will want to initiate action to terminate their action against you with favorable results as … Read moreMedical Practitioner’s Legal Defense