The Real Cost of Following an Ineffective Medical Practitioner’s Defense

In 2015, a Medscape study showed that 59% of the 4,000 primary care physicians they surveyed had been named in a malpractice lawsuit. More and more, medical professionals have pulled away from their passion of treating the sick to contend with malpractice cases, even those that have no merit. ven worse, to resolve their cases, many physicians rely on ineffective medical practitioner’s defenses that cost them dearly.The following are some costs medical professionals overlook or underestimate when they rely on an ineffective legal strategy, exclusively.

The Real Cost of Following an Ineffective Medical Practitioner’s Defense

Expensive, Lengthy Lawsuits

Many lawyers convince their clients that settling is the cheapest and most effective option; however, settling a medical malpractice lawsuit isn’t inexpensive. The average cost of a medical malpractice lawsuit is $425,000, explains Medscape. Additionally, if the case goes before a jury, a settlement can exceed $1 million dollars.

In addition to large settlements, your practice may lose money because you and your staff are tied up in legal proceedings. If you go to court, you aren’t at your practice treating and diagnosing patients. As such, you aren’t making money for your practice.

Damage to Your Brand’s Image

Unfortunately, the fallout associated with being involved in a malpractice lawsuit doesn’t stop once the legal proceedings are over. In fact, many medical professionals sustain significant damage to their brand’s image. Medical professionals, just like you, spend years and thousands of dollars on their marketing efforts to mitigate the damage to their image after a lawsuit. They hire public relations firms, revamp internal processes, and undertake a host of other costly efforts that require time and money, to achieve their former glory.

Psychological Ramifications

Not only do malpractice lawsuits affect your practice’s image, but it can also affect how you feel about yourself. Many medical professionals stated they were embarrassed by their malpractice case, even if they won. The emotional toll of your malpractice lawsuit can have an effect on your ability and your confidence years down the road.

What’s the Best Medical Practitioner’s Defense?

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