Pro-Se Litigation: Going to Court Without a Licensed Attorney?

Are you worried about being sued for freedom of speech? Is this threat making you lose sleep at night? If one of the reasons you are feeling like you have found yourself in dire straights is because you don’t have enough money to hire an attorney, then you need to call us. ProAdvocate Group is on your side. Many US citizens do not understand if, given the right tools, they can easily represent themselves in court.Pro-Se Litigation: Going to Court Without a Licensed Attorney?

When facing the court system you do not need to do it alone. It is not necessary to spend your life savings or go into debt. ProAdvocate Group takes you through the steps and gives you the knowledge you need to represent yourself with your court case. We teach you how to become your own attorney of record, instead of hiring an expensive licensed attorney.

ProAdvocate Group was formed in 2003 and brings you over 41 Years of deep and thorough research and success. You can rest more easily as you lean on our immense knowledge of the 1st and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution. Pro-Se Litigation Private membership associations help you guarantee your right to freedom of speech.

When you find yourself in a place that you are very passionate about and are compelled to speak up about something you firmly stand for you need to call ProAdvocate Group. Our highly knowledgeable team handles all the processes that may seem impossible to you. We do all the legal research, letters, pleadings, appeals and much more. This helps you make informed decisions while taking away the emotional roller coasters and the worry of the unknown. Contact us today and we will address all of your concerns.