Alternative Medical Services Protection

Have you wondered how you can practice very hopeful alternative medical procedures without illegal investigations and sanctions by licensing boards, federal and state governments, regulators, and law enforcement officials? Private membership association is key to attaining Alternative Medical Services Protection. Properly formed private membership associations guarantee freedom of assembly and speech under the first and … Read moreAlternative Medical Services Protection

1st and 14th Amendment Defined

Shockingly, many Americans within the United States do not understand the rights granted to them by the constitution. If you ask a typical U.S. citizen to explain the amendments, the conversation would be long and full of Internet searches. Yet, the entire way of life in America is governed by laws written into the constitution. … Read more1st and 14th Amendment Defined

Private Membership Association & Alternative Medicine

Practicing alternative medicine in the United States is a risky business with a heavy-handed government continually harassing, investigating, and sanctioning these businesses through medical boards, law enforcement agencies, and state attorney generals. Fortunately, the ProAdvocate Group has the solution: establishing a Private Membership Association (PMA). A PMA applies to unlicensed/licensed/formerly licensed medical practitioners and medical researchers … Read morePrivate Membership Association & Alternative Medicine

Private Membership Association – Guaranteeing Rights

ProAdvocate Group is a private membership association and we can help members start their own private medical membership associations.  Through this, we help guarantee our members the freedom of assembly and speech under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and the freedom of assembly and speech under Section Two of the Canadian … Read morePrivate Membership Association – Guaranteeing Rights