The 1st Amendment Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Means

How many times have you been in an argument with someone, or just criticizing their opinions, when they come back with, “I have freedom of speech, I can say what I want!” Well, far from being the argument winner we all think this is, someone who pulls out their first amendment rights as a shield … Read moreThe 1st Amendment Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Means

1st and 14th Amendment Defined

Shockingly, many Americans within the United States do not understand the rights granted to them by the constitution. If you ask a typical U.S. citizen to explain the amendments, the conversation would be long and full of Internet searches. Yet, the entire way of life in America is governed by laws written into the constitution. … Read more1st and 14th Amendment Defined

Know Your Rights

The United States prides itself on being a country with a high regard for freedom. The most basic of these freedoms are in the 1st amendment and the 14th amendment, the former of which is part of a larger collection of freedoms known as the Bill of Rights. The 1st amendment protects freedom of religion, freedom … Read moreKnow Your Rights

Precision Herbs: A Successful Challenge and Defense of a 1st & 14th Amendment

ProAdvocate has many stories of successful challenges and defense of attacks on our 1st & 14th Amendment Private Membership Associations. One of the most striking in terms of illustration of the protection powers contained in the 1st & 14th Amendments is that of Precision Herbs. In October, 2009, the FDA began a civil and criminal … Read morePrecision Herbs: A Successful Challenge and Defense of a 1st & 14th Amendment

First Amendment Rights

ProAdvocate Group can establish and support your own Private Membership Association through which present and future members of the public become contract members. The membership contract limits claims against you and allows patients to receive the cutting edge services within the protection of the association. This program provides extraordinary privacy protection. Under the First Amendment … Read moreFirst Amendment Rights