Protecting Your Assets Is Easier Than You Think

What is asset protection and why is it important? Asset protection is, as it sounds, keeping your assets safe from creditors. It is something that you do from the start so that in the event something happens your plan is already in place. It is important because you want to hang on to your money. … Read moreProtecting Your Assets Is Easier Than You Think

Distribute Your Assets Privately in Less Time with a Living Trust

A living trust allows you to place your assets into a trust to later be passed on to your beneficiaries upon your passing. This process calls for you to choose a successor trustee who transfers the trust to your beneficiaries. After death, your assets are subject to the lawful debt.  The successor will pay your … Read moreDistribute Your Assets Privately in Less Time with a Living Trust

Asset Protection Through Irrevocable Trusts

Many people are uncomfortable thinking about their passing and put off estate planning, but preparing for this event allows one to ensure that assets are distributed appropriately. Estate planning can also provide benefits while you are alive as irrevocable trusts can help one safeguard assets. Trusts Trusts allow an individual or couple to pass assets … Read moreAsset Protection Through Irrevocable Trusts

Judgment Proofing Your Business

When judgment proofing has been overlooked it is common practice for a creditor to go after a person or business that does not pay their bill as agreed upon. When this happens, there are a variety of ways that the money awarded in a judgment is collected: Wage garnishment Bank account levy Real estate lien … Read moreJudgment Proofing Your Business

Learn More About Homesteading and Asset Protection

If you have been thinking about asset protection, or were advised by someone that it may be wise for you to consider this type of protection, you may wonder what asset protection entails. Asset protection is a type of financial planning that protects assets from creditor claims. Businesses and individuals use asset protection as a way … Read moreLearn More About Homesteading and Asset Protection

Consider an Irrevocable Trust for Asset Protection

When you are thinking about asset protection and estate planning, you may think that the two go hand-in-hand. Sometimes that’s true, but not always. If you go to the trouble of creating a living trust to hold your assets, you think that this keeps them out of creditor’s hands. The common revocable living trust used in estate … Read moreConsider an Irrevocable Trust for Asset Protection

Judgment Proofing: What Does it Mean for You?

In today’s seemingly sue-happy society, one has to plan for asset protection. You work hard to save money, plan for retirement, and buy stocks, bonds, CDs, real estate, and vehicles. After all, isn’t having financial security considered part of the American dream? It can be scary to think that a resentful neighbor, or an unceasing creditor, can … Read moreJudgment Proofing: What Does it Mean for You?

Judgment Proofing – How we can help you

What is judgment proofing? According to “When a creditor sues you and gets a money judgment against you, it has a variety of methods it can use to collect on that money judgment… However, if you don’t have any income or property that the creditor can legally go after, then you are what is often … Read moreJudgment Proofing – How we can help you

Asset Protection

Our Asset Protection Trusts will provide you the ultimate in asset protection. The Asset Protection Trust combined with an asset protected Limited Liability Company and a friendly lien will send the creditors after the “next guy in line”, instead of you. Our tried and true asset protected structure and agreement will thwart even the most … Read moreAsset Protection