Pro Se Trustee of a Joint Stock Company

Is the Pro Se Trustee of a Joint Stock Company the “Real Party in Interest” and can He, She or It Represent the Company as Plaintiff or Defendant in a Court of Law? IT cannot be legally questioned that the “Real Party in Interest” can and must represent himself or herself or itself in a Court … Read morePro Se Trustee of a Joint Stock Company

Private Membership Associations

In reviewing medical email solicitations, newsletters and other medical publications over the years, we at ProAdvocate Group are more than ever convinced than ever that there are numerous proven therapies/treatments outside of mainstream medicine that are providing relief and/or  cures for a wide variety of afflictions and diseases. Unfortunately, there are untold numbers of alternative … Read morePrivate Membership Associations

Asset Protection

Our Asset Protection Trusts will provide you the ultimate in asset protection. The Asset Protection Trust combined with an asset protected Limited Liability Company and a friendly lien will send the creditors after the “next guy in line”, instead of you. Our tried and true asset protected structure and agreement will thwart even the most … Read moreAsset Protection